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"I said Islamists."

Do you think the left will create a new party or will the Democrats move even more right to capture them. But remember they were indeed not happy Summers, and blind to some truths.

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Asian Girl Licks Camera

I've known him for 40 years or so, ut that hardly makes it fact. And the steak was incredible. I don't care for the guy, but I wish he would have retired from the Senate and gone girlz in a dignified way, and let someone new take over.

There are too many never Trump republicans in the Senate so need support from more dems Bbw caseras pass anything.

I've been considering a dog. Its a Trainwreck of feels every ep.

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Nikojin 6 months ago
I watched every episode of TWD at least once!
Faenris 6 months ago
Goltizahn 6 months ago
doubt it
Shaktijinn 5 months ago
Thank you. I'll read these.
Maudal 5 months ago
trampoline...woof, woo
Milar 5 months ago
So, hawt. Drools.....
Dikree 5 months ago
I know I replied! Great tune!
Togal 5 months ago
I accept your retreat.
Kajicage 4 months ago
Tujas 4 months ago
Shaktikazahn 3 months ago
Yes it’sa me
Kagalkree 3 months ago
What is your favourite topic in school?
Shaktitaxe 3 months ago
Why can't the US do this to Antifa?
Vull 3 months ago
Have housewarming party
Zulkirg 3 months ago
I'm in for Longhorn and margs!
Voodoojind 3 months ago
Indict doesn't mean conviction.
Arashilkree 3 months ago
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Volkree 3 months ago
😱😱😱 Now I’m even more hungry.
Kagajas 2 months ago
Yep. The countdown is in days now. : -)))
Gror 2 months ago
And years before anything was known about the disappearance.
Shaktishakar 2 months ago
I hope disabled vets get the raise too
Mazshura 2 months ago
You're doing great!
Tanris 2 months ago
(pumps fist in air in triumph!!!!)