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Give Her the rod

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From: Dourisar
Category: Parody
Added:6 months ago
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"That's cool. Nice to have some days off."

It was good, but the sauce it was served with--a very sharply spicy aioli--really made it. geez.

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They formed prayer circles and chained themselves to cars and yelled horrible things at women who were going in for pap smears.

ahsen ben platm obur carda plata kasyorum Bende plat olacam. It could be regarded as a diversion or it could be regarded as inviting someone to think about the nature of truth. Trump has proof. Should I see if he would come to be a part of the vet chats around here, at least this one?.

He has spent 44 million on this. its the worst I have ever felt about our country Unfortunately its not going to get better. Interested for when they call the mod and say their channel is being discussed.

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Give Her the rod
Give Her the rod

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Vokinos 6 months ago tip:
Vutaxe 5 months ago
Because Fliv is cool oof
Voodooshura 5 months ago
I go back as far as Fouts,
Vorg 5 months ago
Bara 5 months ago
Quel un surpris.
Tojamuro 4 months ago
Hey Kate
Kazuru 4 months ago
Which season was the best for you?
Faugal 4 months ago
haha thx dude :D
Kigagul 4 months ago
You say like an especific story, a movie with a sequel of adaptations in it, or more like a movie adapting a already adapted story, but following the original.
Toran 4 months ago
okay then like hawt people XD
Fetilar 3 months ago
Title misleading? Is this MatPat or Nux Taku?
Mesar 3 months ago
Eid al-Adha
Vudosho 3 months ago
:) Back at you!
Bracage 3 months ago
Tygoran 2 months ago
Your bbw accidentally sat on your phone.
Duk 2 months ago
Shaktijar 2 months ago
She's completely out of touch
Shakazil 2 months ago
Trump got pwned by Kim.
Daim 2 months ago
I'm getting there, would be easier if I got to know you in person.
Tagul 2 months ago
Did you say French tickler?
Yozshulabar 1 month ago
It's what they want for us here.
Mikahn 1 month ago
Kerr 1 month ago
Here's one, I think its about the rainforest.. Psychostick!
Talrajas 1 month ago
Malashura 1 month ago
Confront them.
Shakakree 1 month ago
Najora 4 weeks ago
Only if the limit has been breached.
Yozshugami 3 weeks ago
Both Tony. But it it does reflect my sentiments.